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How Israel Has Coped and  What America Can Learn


"Cole makes an important contribution by asking what can be learned and are we prepared."
Thomas H. Kean, Chair,
9/11 Commission

"Cole's book gives the
fullest description available of how the Israeli experience can help others."
Zuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, US News and World Report

"The lessons from this book could save lives."

U.S. Senator Susan Collins

great value of this book is what it tells us about not giving in to terror."
Dennis Ross,American envoy to the Middle East

The Anthrax Letters was named an HONOR BOOK by the NJ Council for the Humanities

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Bioterrorism and Terror Medicine, 2015-2016



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"A terrific read. This book is a masterful piece of reporting, written with absolute strength and clarity."
• Richard Preston, Author of The Hot Zone

"The Anthrax Letters is a compelling human story told with scientific integrity."
• Former Senator Tom Daschle, Recipient of an Anthrax Letter

"Delivers all the drama of a modern-day thriller."
• Roll Call

"Undeniably Intriguing."
• The Washington Times



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